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Why Glamping is Good for the Mind, Body & Soul

Time spent in nature is time well spent. A gentle walk in the woods, a refreshing swim in the sea or a tasty picnic in a meadow are all activities that can be enjoyed whilst glamping – and they are all positive mood boosters. Below, we outline some of the key benefits of glamping amongst nature, with a nod to the special experience we provide here at Exe Valley Glamping.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a higher-end, more luxurious version of camping. Immerse yourself in nature and breathe in that fresh countryside air, whilst enjoying all the luxuries and home comforts found at a holiday cottage or hotel. Upon arrival, your accommodation will be set up and ready to go, with no tent assembly required. Simply unpack and relax! Glamping appeals to all different kinds of people, including solo travellers, couples, families, groups of friends, and keen outdoor enthusiasts.

The Health Benefits of Glamping

Glamping in the great outdoors is not only beneficial to our mental wellbeing, but it can also improve our physical health. Here are just some of the benefits:

1) Discover natural beauty

Glamping outdoors can really help you appreciate the wonders of mother nature and become more observant of your natural surroundings. Once you begin to observe your surroundings, you will notice that there is beauty to be found wherever you go…

2) Fresh air

Being exposed to fresh air is scientifically proven to boost both our physical and mental health. Spending just 30 minutes outdoors every day is enough to release happy endorphins, making you feel much more positive and relaxed.

3) Gentle exercise

Glamping is a great way for you to fit some exercise into your routine. A gentle ramble through the woods or a moderate riverside walk will get your blood pumping – helping you to lose weight and improve your fitness, as well as releasing those all-important happy hormones.

4) New experiences

If you’ve never been glamping before, then this will be a new and exciting experience in itself. Even if you have been glamping, each adventure offers endless opportunities for you to get out and try new things – for example, why not give surfing or stand up paddleboarding a try?!

5) Improved relationships

Whether you choose to embark on a glamping break with your significant other or family members, you will be given plenty of opportunities to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Without the distractions of daily life, you can engage in proper conversations and play fun family games.

6) Unplug from technology

Glamping breaks allow you to leave the digital world behind for a few days, which has many benefits for your health – including increased self-awareness, reduced stress, and better mood. Take this opportunity to reflect on your life and set some goals for the future.

7) Natural sleeping patterns

Research shows that those who fall into natural sleeping patterns benefit from a greater quality of sleep. Allow your body to wake with the sunrise and sleep with the sunset during your break – and when you return, waking up and falling asleep should feel much easier!

8) Relieve stress

The sounds of nature, such as the chirping of birdsong and the sound of the wind rustling in the trees, are proven to relieve stress. These sounds will help you relax in the short-term and improve your focus in the long-term.

9) Alfresco dining

At the end of a long day exploring the local area, there’s nothing quite like firing up the BBQ or toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Without the temptation of fast-food restaurants around the corner, you can enjoy making healthy food choices amongst beautiful surroundings.

10) Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps our bodies to absorb calcium and other important minerals which can help maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. It is also proven to help reduce the symptoms of depression, as our bodies are exposed to light when spending time outdoors.

Boost your Mental & Physical Wellbeing at Exe Valley Glamping

Escape to the magical mid-Devon countryside with Exe Valley Glamping. Our four luxury safari tents provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge, whilst fully immersing yourself in the beauty of mother nature.

We are filling up fast for the summer season, with only the following dates still available:

  • Friday 22nd – Monday 25th July at Foxes Earth

  • Friday 5th – Monday 8th August at Foxes Earth & Heronry

  • Friday 12th – Monday 15th August at Foxes Earth & Otter’s Holt

  • Monday 15th – Friday 19th August at Foxes Earth & Heronry

  • Friday 19th – Monday 22nd August at Badger Sett & Heronry

  • Monday 22nd – Friday 26th August at Badger Sett & Heronry

  • Monday 29th – Friday 2nd September at Foxes Earth, Badger Sett & Heronry

Click here to book your brain-boosting break at Exe Valley Glamping today!

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