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Keeping it green

Accessibility at Exe Valley Glamping
Keeping it Green at Exe Valley Glamping
Aerial View of Exe Valley Glamping

Green Glamping in Devon

  • Solar power lighting & refrigeration

  • Wood-burning water heater from sustainable woodland

  • Eco-friendly cleaning & bathroom products

  • Bottle Refills

  • Recyclable & Compostable materials 

  • Natural waste water filtration system 

  • No mains water - just carbon/UV filtered ground water, free from chemicals and additives

  • Local trades, services & produce within a 10-mile radius

Exe Valley Glamping is committed to protecting the environment and limiting the negative impact of tourism on the local community and Devon countryside.

Our ethos is to provide a means by which guests can experience off-grid living, but in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

Our principles are to reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as promoting local enterprises by supporting suppliers and trades within a 10-mile radius.

We are working towards the elimination of single-use plastic by refilling our Bio D and Ecover products, and purchasing recyclable, plant-based materials.

Recycling and composting is something we take very seriously.  We recycle as many materials as possible and have our own compost bin which breaks down food waste, ash and woodland debris into healthy compost. We then redistribute this over the farm to enhance our soil.

Energy use is limited on our glamping site, and we encourage guests to be mindful of the amount of power they use. The energy we do have is solar-generated, feeding our water pump, LED lights and small energy-efficient fridge.  We also use rechargeable batteries to power small devices and lanterns.

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