Sustainable Woodland Management: Preparing the Logs for Our 2022 Season

Winter is fast approaching, which means preparing the Exe Valley Glamping log supply for the 2022 season. This is a long process, which involves tree felling, replanting trees, splitting logs, and seasoning logs. So, next time you light up the campfire here on site, take a moment to think about the journey your logs have experienced – from tree to firewood!

Our Sustainable Safari Lodges

Powered by natural means, our eco-conscious safari lodges use solar energy and wood collected through carefully planned woodland management, in order to heat our tents and provide maximum comfort. Our key principles are to reduce, reuse and recycle. We also promote local businesses wherever possible, supporting suppliers and traders within a 10-mile radius.

All our tents contain power showers, which are heated from burning wood which has been extracted via a sustainable woodland management programme. This allows our guests to stay toasty warm, without negatively impacting the environment.

A Thoughtful Approach to Tree Felling

Here at Exe Valley Glamping, we fell trees within our surrounding woodlands. The trees to be felled are carefully selected and are trees that MUST come down. Examples of these are problematic trees that are obstructing/leaning over a track or road, trees that look precarious or flimsy, and trees that have blown over in the wind. If these trees remain, they become a hazard; and so by collecting our wood through these trees for Exe Valley Glamping, it becomes incredibly sustainable with a low carbon footprint.

All the trees we fell are native hardwood trees, including Ash, Oak and Beech species. However, we always ensure that we respect the environment when cutting down trees and attempt to reduce our impact on the resident flora and fauna.

Replanting for Future Generations

Whilst we do have to clear some trees for the health of our neighbouring woodland, we do plant lots more! We carry out a stringent replanting programme, ensuring