Looking Back on 2021: A Season of Change and Growth

As the 2021 season draws to a close, I took some time to reflect on the business this year. As you can imagine, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of us here at Exe Valley Glamping. But, with the help of our fantastic team and our lovely guests, I am delighted that we have managed to find strength in adversity.

I reached out to our Marketing Manager, Melissa, and asked her to interview me for this month’s blog. Check out the full Q&A below…

1) How has this season gone for you?

It was most certainly a nerve-racking start to the 2021 season after a long period of lockdowns! However, we were delighted that the ‘stay at home’ order was lifted on the 29th March and by mid-May, the ‘rule of 6’ for two households was allowed. For Exe Valley Glamping, this meant we were able to fully open for business and welcome families to come and stay at our glamping site in the beautiful Devon countryside.

2) How has covid-19 impacted the business?

It was a slightly delayed start to the 2021 season, as we had to employ more cleaners to carry out deep cleans. But we managed to overcome the obstacles of covid relatively quickly, and with our covid policy in place it’s been relatively manageable. The demand for staycations to remote areas in the UK has skyrocketed, and we’ve welcomed guests to come and stay with us from all over the country. We even had one family who holidayed with us 3 times this year. We must be doing something right!

3) What challenges have you faced this year?

The main challenges this year for Exe Valley Glamping have revolved around bookings being cancelled at the last minute, due to a guest testing positive for covid. We would always provide a full refund and of course, our deepest sympathies went out to any families affected by covid. After all, who wants a cancelled holiday after a tough period of lockdowns?! We often had to find another family to step in and take over the booking at the last minute, which was pretty challenging.

4) How have you overcome those challenges?

Fortunately, with the increased demand for glamping and staycations in the UK, it was just a case of posting a cancellation on social media. It was incredible how quickly people would spot a cancellation post and jump on it. The power of social media, hey!