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Eco-Friendly Glamping at Exe Valley

Want to enjoy an environmentally-friendly UK staycation? Here at Exe Valley Glamping, we are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism via eco-friendly means. Powered by natural sources, our eco-conscious luxury lodges utilise solar energy and wood collected through sustainable woodland management; providing guests with maximum comfort and warmth.

A Thoughtful Approach to Tourism

Back in 2018, we faced a difficult decision, as we wished to diversify our 150-acre family farm without causing any unnecessary harm to the environment. Glamping has certainly allowed us to achieve this; we feel privileged to be able to welcome guests to our beautiful mid-Devon bolthole, without compromising the natural beauty of the land.

Here at Exe Valley Glamping, we are committed to protecting the world around us and limiting the negative impact of tourism on the local community and idyllic Devon countryside. We promote and encourage our guests to use local trades, services and produce within a 10-mile radius during their stay with us.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Recycling and composting is something we take very seriously here at Exe Valley Glamping. We endeavour to recycle as many materials as we possibly can, which will be reused and made into something new. We are also working towards the eradication of single-use plastic by refilling our Bio D and Ecover products.

We only purchase recyclable, plant-based materials here at the farm, including all cleaning and bathroom products. You will find a compost bin on site to break down food waste, ash and woodland debris into a healthy compost, which is then redistributed over the farm to enhance our soil.

Eco-Conscious Energy Usage

Our off-grid glamping site encourages guests to be mindful of the power they use. Energy usage is limited on our site; the energy we do have is solar-generated, feeding our water pump, LED lights and small energy-efficient fridge. We also use rechargeable batteries to power any small devices and lanterns.

We have no access to mains water on site; our natural waste water filtration system produces carbon/UV filtered ground water, which is totally free from any harmful chemicals or additives. Our wood-burning water heater is powered from sustainable woodland, meaning the hot water for your shower is produced by the fire right here in your luxury canvas lodge!

Green Glamping in the Exe Valley

If, like us, you are committed to protecting the environment and causing as little disruption as possible to the natural world, why not consider a luxury off-grid glamping experience here in mid-Devon? Reconnect with your loved ones and discover the wonders that Devon has to offer during your relaxing rural getaway.


Exe Valley Glamping is currently closed, but we will be reopening in March 2021. Click here to book your stay at our eco-friendly glamping site today!

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