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Stay Sustainable this Christmas: Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s definitely not the most sustainable season. Christmas is a season of indulgence and excess; but this year, let’s make sure that we don’t harm the environment with our gift choices. Small changes really can make all the difference!

Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas…

Sustainable Home Gift Ideas

Sustainable Clothing Gift Ideas

Sustainable Beauty Gift Ideas

Sustainable Food Gift Ideas

  • Organic vegan chocolate. Booja Booja’s truffles are dairy-free and fully certified by the Soil Association who ensure for environmentally friendly manufacturing. Kooyt’s sustainable chocolate is 100% organic, gluten-free and vegan, containing no nasties with recyclable packaging. The Playin Choc Boxes are vegan, gluten, dairy and soy-free, housed in fully compostable packaging.

  • Vegan beer. The Small Beer Brew Co gift set is ethical and vegan, handmade in the UK using fully organic ingredients. Freestar’s alcohol free beer is brewed in such a way that emits 90% less CO2, uses 80% less water and energy and created 70% less waste than usual. Toast’s ales are brewed using the end slice of bread loaves which are often not used by the sandwich making industry – so far, they have saved nearly 2 million slices of bread from going to waste.

  • Organic coffee. Easy Jose’s coffee supports the Mayni Indigenous Community who aim to tackle deforestation in the Amazon and is grown in such a way to reduce biodiversity destruction. Rave makes sustainable, affordable, and delicious coffee, donating 1% of their total sales to environmental causes. Café Direct was the UK’s first ever Fairtrade coffee brand, investing over 50% of their profits into farming communities.

Sustainable Staycations at Exe Valley Glamping

The team at Exe Valley Glamping are committed to protecting the environment and limiting the negative impact of tourism on the local community and Devon countryside. Click here to book your break in our eco-conscious safari lodges today!

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