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Bookings and Government Guidelines:  

Following the UK governments COVID-19 recovery strategy, we have made changes to our operating systems to ensure the safety of our guests, and to conform with the government's 'COVID-19 Secure' guidelines for hospitality.

Below you will find a list of amendments we have made so far.  We will revisit our COVID protocols on a regular basis to ensure we stay up to date, safe and ready for guests.

Booking Guarantee:

Exe Valley Glamping is offering a 'COVID Booking Guarantee' to all bookings from the 01 April, 2021. This assurance means that, should the government place national or localised restrictions on holiday stays and travel,  Exe Valley Glamping will either re-book your holiday or cancel and provide a refund in full.

Flexible re-booking is not available for cancellations that are weather-related or for any other reason.

The "Stay Safe" Changes we are Implementing...

Self Check-in: We are now operating on a self check-in basis. Your luggage will be collected by an overland vehicle and left outside your tent, whilst you make your way by foot. A hand-drawn map to the glamping site will direct you down a well-used path and through the woods to the site - a truly exciting arrival!

Welcome Folder:  Provides key information on the site, as well as new guidelines and advice on staying safe.

Communication and Emergencies:  Should you require personal service, we will endeavour to maintain social distancing by remaining outside the tent during communication, or by wearing protective clothing if a staff member needs to enter the tent.

Cleaning Protocols:  Although we have always taken great pride in ensuring each tent is scrupulously clean for guest bookings, we have adopted further measures to ensure both your safety and our own. Protective gloves and a face mask will be worn by staff members when entering and cleaning each tent. All surfaces will be disinfected between bookings, and antibacterial spray and hand wash will be provided in all tents.

Separate Group Bookings:  We are currently not accepting mixed group bookings within a shared tent. Separate group bookings are still available; however, there are strict conditions about entering tents and sharing facilities.

Should separate groups book together, we are happy to provide an outdoor BBQ area with separate facilities, where social distancing measures can be adhered to.

Exe Valley Glamping is fully geared to provide a safe outdoor holiday experience, without sacrificing on comfort or space. Our tents are beautifully-designed for private usage, without the need to rely on shared facilities. Each tent is positioned to enjoy its natural surroundings, with a copious amount of outdoor space. In this respect, we are very lucky to be able to offer guests a safe, clean and fun holiday environment this summer.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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