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Line-Up I was asked to host and narrate this film. My first line-up was Pablo Kriete, writer/director and Melissa Carpenter, editor. Pablo Kriete I didn’t think it’d be so much of an adjustment for Melissa as an editor, but she struggled a little more than I thought she would. I worked with her on “The Vanishing” and she’s a great editor, but I wasn’t 100% sure she’d be able to edit this. But I’m glad that she did, because that element of her being challenged by that script was an added element of magic for me in the writing process. Melissa Carpenter I had to cut a little bit from the film to make room for the lines. I was an editor on “Home Invasion” and worked with Pablo on his first feature. He didn’t tell me that much about the film, but I was impressed with his confidence and energy. I was ready for a challenge. It’s Not About You I wanted to make a film that was on the same wavelength as the material of the characters, especially the story itself, and not just have the film be about me. I didn’t want to put a political agenda in it or feel like I was trying to make a political statement or make some sort of commentary about the war. It’s about a group of people coming together, but the film has a lot more of a narrative form than most films, I think, and I think that’s why it works. I can’t imagine it working any other way. I didn’t want it to be about him, and me, and the experience. I wanted the women in it to be as important to the story as I was, and they were. We wanted to show the story through their eyes. There was an important aspect of the story that I wanted to be a good contrast to the disturbing aspect of it. It’s about a group of people coming together to help a woman who’s been abused, and how they’re going to support her, and how they’re going to respond to her fear, and how they’re going to be responsible for her well-being. The



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Pari 1080p Movie Torrent frowanf

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